How did David Bowie influence the music world?

How did David Bowie influence the music world?

Needless to say, David Bowie is a legend that influenced a whole generation and continues to do so.  His legacy remains as a flourishing influence that will definitely stand the test of time.  The fact that the new generation seems to know very little about him pays no justice to how he influenced the music world.  Especially when he is known as the man who changed the music world.

His chameleonic musical character

David Bowie experimented with so many styles of music and image that it kept his fans always on the lookout not knowing what to expect. Many of today´s musicians, such as Lady Gaga, have admiration for this character in Bowie. This allowed him to deliver unique sounds to his music. “David was always an inspiration to me and a true original,” said Mick Jagger, leader of the Rolling Stones who paired with Bowie in1985.

His sense of theater

To David Bowie, changing characters at every interview was a normal thing. This was also one thing that allowed fans to think of him as a unique and fascinating character. Why not be many and have people not pin you down to being only one person? In 2013, St. Vincent wrote, “Bowie is so often cited as an influence by people, but that’s almost like saying that food is an influence.”

Out of this world

Bowie started writing songs about characters from outer space.  This was actually a bizarre feature for a performer of his time.  His first big hit, “Space Oddity” is a conversation between an astronaut and his control team.   During all his lifetime as a performer, he would write several songs about entities from outer space. Bowie helped bring this theatricality to rock music. 

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