Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015

One of the most popular events in Europe is definitely Eurovision and each year people are getting excited about that. This year they celebrated 60th anniversary and almost two hundred million people were watching this show.

Even though some people don’t take this ceremony too seriously because they don’t think that songs have enough quality and that voting is connected with politics, it still manages to amaze fans all around the world.

We mustn’t forget to mention that the host was Vienna, Austria and that this event was placed in Wiener Stadthalie. 
The winner of this contest was Mans Zelmerlow from Sweden which wasn’t unexpected because he was one of the favorites all along. 
His song Heroes sounds like a worldwide hit and what is even more amazing when it comes to this song is the scenography which seemed like he was having fun with a buddy from a cartoon.

One of our favorites was Il Volo, a group from Italy who performed an amazing ballad called Grande Amore. They remind us of Il Divo because of their musical and singing style.
Also we really liked Australia’s song, performed by Guy Sebastian and it is called Tonight Again. His r&b vocals and a touch of retro style make this song very loveable and catchy. 
For the first time Serbia didn’t perform a song in Serbian language which was quite a shock for the fans of Eurovision, but that didn’t stop the audience from loving this song. 
Even though it finished in tenth place, Beauty never lies, performed by Bojana Stamenov did make an impression and left us speechless, especially because Bojana’s powerful vocals sounded like Aretha Franklin.

There were other amazing songs, from Russia, Belgium, Estonia,… and we can honestly say that this year Eurovision was amazing.


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