Few interesting facts (you probably didn’t know) about the hamster

Few interesting facts (you probably didn’t know) about the hamster

A lot of people have hamster as a pet, so if you are having a second thought about them, maybe you should read this and finally decide if they are perfect for you or not.

1. Their eyesight is not very good, so they like to sniff a lot (because they have sharp sense of smell). They like to familiarize themselves with the environment and what also helps them a lot are their tiny mustaches.

2. Hamsters like to dig a lot, because they make a shelter for themselves, and of course for their food, and it's all because they are often a prey in the wilderness.

3. They also like to chew a lot. It's all because their teeth are growing all the time, so make sure to give them something to chew ( things like toys or something like that ) if you decide to have them as a pet.

4. If you hear them whining you should be worried. They are not doing that because they are happy or excited, but because they are either really scared or angry.

5. Hamsters like to lie on their back. They are doing that when they are sleeping or if they want to relax.

6. If you ever see a hamster rubbing on some things (chair, table, etc) it’s because they are leaving their trace.

These are some fact about these cute, little animals. We hope that you found out something new, or maybe after reading this, you will decide to buy one.


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