“Independence Day 2 – Sela Ward Playing The U.S. President”

“Independence Day 2 – Sela Ward Playing The U.S. President”

Independence Day 2 will move the original Independence Day ahead twenty years. Instead of having the same president, the world has change and needs change. With that said, Sela Ward will be the president in this movie.

The White House within the movie is rebuilt because it was destroyed in the original picture. This means The White House in the film will be filled with more secrets and more surprises. Like in the original movie, Sela Ward will be playing a role where she must fight off aliens that want to destroy earth . These aliens, however, are a lot more powerful than in part one. These aliens also have great weapons and tactics, too.

This release of this film is expected to be next summer. However, there has already been months and moths of preparation already put into this film. Beyond Sela Ward, there is going to be a lot of big names in this film, and there is also going to be a few surprise appearances, too.

This film will also feature some of the greatest scriptwriters in Hollywood working together to make this picture special in every way possible. Many Hollywood stars cannot wait to see this amazing film. Many are saying it is going to be the film of the year and maybe win an outstanding award from the academy. More work is being put into this film every single day, and more stars are added every single day, too.


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