Kelly McGillis’ home invaded

Kelly McGillis’ home invaded

Kelly McGillis, best known for playing Tom Cruise’s love interest in the ever-popular movie “Top Gun”, had a horrendous home invasion story to share with the world.

McGillis, who is now 58 years old, recently had her home invaded by a deranged woman. Her home is located on a secluded mountain. When McGillis came home one Friday night, her bathroom light was on. McGillis thought she must’ve left it on before she left the house. You could see the bathroom light on from the street and that's why her mind started to make that excuse.

When McGillis tried entering her home, she found the front door was unlocked. This did not set off any red flags off for her yet. She again assumed it was she who left the light on and the door unlocked.

Upon entering the home, she first put down the things in her hand and started to bring the bird feeders inside the home. This is so the bears in the area would not come hunting for food. While she was moving things, she noticed two pairs of sandals on the floor. One belonged to a little girl and was pink in color.

This still did not raise a flag for McGillis because she assumed it was the housekeeper’s sandals and that of her daughter. She called out “hello” several times before the deranged woman came running at her from the hallway.

McGillis ran out and tried calling 911 from her phone. The woman attacked her and tried to take the phone away. So McGillis set the car alarm off. This distracted the woman long enough for McGillis to get into her car and make a run for it.

McGillis now has a licensed gun in her possession if she ever needs to defend herself again.

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