Len Goodman Announces Last Season On Dancing With the Stars

Len Goodman Announces Last Season On Dancing With the Stars

Len Goodman, a long-time judge on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, has announced that the upcoming season will be his last! While it has not been a huge surprise to fans of the American dance competition show since he previously said that he would be done after the 20th season, it is still a loss. He wants “a bit of time off” to get back to a normal lifestyle.

Currently, Goodman serves as a dance judge on both “Dancing in the Stars (USA)” and “Strictly Come Dancing (UK)”. Daily Star of the UK says that he earns about $402,775 a year for his work as a judge on DTWS, but what tires him is the 20 hours of flying back and forth between the United States and the United Kingdom. Being 69 years old, such a lengthy journey – taking place on a rather regular basis – and the jet lag is making him sick. Another reason behind his departure from DWTS may be the birth of his new grandson.

Can you imagine this show without such an awesome judge and his valuable remarks? Maybe this news is killing diehard fans inside, but the reality must be accepted! Fans wonder who he will be replaced with and whether or not the will come on the show as a guest judge, but there aren’t any solid answers yet!

Goodman was associated with DWTS for 10 long years and it’s really hard to imagine it without him. With no signs of the show slowing down any time soon, he will be missed in all the upcoming season! Such a talented judge is really hard to find.

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