NCIS is kicking off its 13th season

NCIS is kicking off its 13th season

Fans of the hit show could not be more excited!  The first episode (which premiered on Sept. 22) delivered thrilling drama and a great story continuation. We have Gibbs making a comeback after being shot in Afghanistan by young Luke Harris. Of course, he lived but he is back with some noticeable emotional and behavioral changes, which the team is quick to notice. The team makes a large voyage to Egypt to try to seize The Calling.

Besides all this, the ashes from the past love between ‘Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo’, played by Michael Weatherly, and his ex-girlfriend ‘Jeanne Benoit’, played by Scottie Thompson, seem to be coming alive again as she makes a comeback. In Season 4, Thompson played the role of an arms dealer’s daughter. According to reports, we will be seeing her on an episode airing in November and her character will be staying for a while. This is something that Tony will have to deal with and fans will love it.   

Fans were expecting to see Cote de Pablo reprise her role as Ziva David, but producers have confirmed that this is not happening.  De Pablo left the show in Season 11, right after the premiere. She and Tony had a rough relationship.

Episode 3 was delightful to say the least. Fans saw Sean Murray’s ‘Timothy McGee’ and Emily Wickersham’s ‘Eleanor Bishop’ go on an undercover mission as husband and wife. This added a little to the drama as during the mission they opened up to each other and Eleanor told McGee that she and her husband, Jake Malloy, are having marital problems. The moment where they have to kiss to protect their undercover personas spurred fans to root for these two to pair up. But that may not happen any time soon at least. 



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