Phil Anselmo criticized for Nazi salute at concert

Phil Anselmo criticized for Nazi salute at concert

Phil Anselmo, famous for being the front man for the metal band Pantera, is now being criticized by metal musicians for an outrageous gesture he made at a concert. He not only was caught on tape flashing the Nazi salute, but he was also heard shouting ‘White Power’. Many musicians within the industry and fans together have taken offense.

The salute was filmed by a fan during a tribute concert for Pantera’s late guitarist, Darrell Abbott. Abbott also went by the nickname Dimebag. At first, Phil denied the claim, saying he was only taking a jab at all the white wine that was served to all the artists performing at the event. He also went on to say that as he loves everyone and hates everyone at the same time, he wasn't going to make any apologies.

It wasn't long before he went back on his words and issued a formal statement about the incident. He said he deserved of all the heat from the music fraternity and the fans alike. He apologised for his behavior, justifying it by saying that the jokes that went on backstage spilled over onto the main stage and that it was totally uncalled for.

This wasn't the first time Phil has been called out for being racist. Back in 1994, he was quizzed by MTV about racist lyrics and also his refusal to correct fans that shouted ‘white power’ during his concerts. Later that year, he publicly stated that Pantera was never a racist band. Then again, he was also heard condemning rap artists for changing the ‘white’ music culture. Musicians have taken to social media such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter to scrutinize and criticize Phil for his racist remarks.

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