What you didn’t know about Charles Bronson?

What you didn’t know about Charles Bronson?

Charles Bronson was an amazing person and a great actor. There are many people who don’t know all the amazing things that Charles did. He had a full, exciting life and he was bold and not afraid of trying new things. Here are things that you did not know about Charles:

He was the 11th child, and he had 14 brothers and sisters. He does not have American origins, as his parents were both Lithuanian. As a matter of fact, he did not even know how to speak English until he was a teenager. An ambitious person, he was the first one among his relatives to graduate from high school, but this did not stop him from working in a coal mine from the age of ten. He had to earn money for his family after his father died.

He was drafted into the United States army and he flew in 25 missions as a tail-gunner and earned a Purple Heart for his efforts for the country. When he returned after the war, he needed a way of earning a living. After working as a painter for a movie crew, he went to California in 1949 and enrolled in an acting school. Finally he was given his first, unpaid, small role in a move. He hoped that many more will come after this, and he wasn’t wrong! He starred in many movies including “The Magnificent Seven”, The Dirty Dozen”, and “The Great Escape”.

His real name is not Bronson, but Buchinsky; he changed it to sound more American, as his original name was not helping him in his career. He was indeed an extraordinary actor! Charles Bronson died in August, 2003.

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