Ariana Grande Apologizes For ‘Donut Fiasco’ For The Second

Ariana Grande Apologizes For ‘Donut Fiasco’ For The Second

In the past few days Ariana Grande has moved from being known as America’s most loved and celebrated signer to one of the most hated celebrity in the U.S. right now. That said, the 22-year old has taken note of that and as a result she has tried her best so as to let Americans and the world that he is sorry for whatever happened while she was at the donut shop. 

The former Nickelodeon star was seen in a very short video acting very inappropriate, just to be clear, Ariana was caught licking donuts that she had no intension of paying. To add on to that she also said that she “hates America”. As expected this did not go so well with many people, many of which have come out publicly and asked the singer to apologize for what she has done. 

Ariana took in the message and she apologized but many people believed that her apology wasn’t sincere and as a result the singer opted to offer another apology for her actions and this time around she is doing it via a video. Whether her apology will be accepted warmly this time around remains to be seen as at now Ariana can only hope that this whole incident disappears as it has tarnished her image very badly. Many have even argued that earlier reports about her asking all her employees to carry her might just as well be true given her recent behavior.  

Here is brief of Ariana’s apology. “I do feel as if I missed the opportunity of sincerely apologizing in my first video because I spent most of the time preaching about all my issues that I have with the food industry which basically is not relevant right now.” For more on Ariana’s apology video, checkout her YouTube channel. 

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