George Michael Admitted to Rehab in Switzerland?

George Michael Admitted to Rehab in Switzerland?

Friends of singer George Michael have reportedly told him that he was going to die if he doesn't get help. He then sought treatment in a Swiss rehab center. While George Michael's representative claims he is doing okay, a friend of his claims differently. Michael is allegedly being treated at the Kusnacht Practice near the Swiss capital. Michael's friend Jake Panayiotou said to the media: "He's not well. I can't say any more but we're just wishing for him to get better."

Another friend who wanted to remain anonymous said that a lot of people are worried about the singer. If he is indeed being treated in the above mentioned facility, it looks like he will be getting individual care because that is what the Practice claims at its website. They also promise full discretion.

The singer’s spokesperson continued to say that Michael was not being treated as an in-patient but has been going to the facility as a part of an extended holiday. "He is well and enjoying an extended break, as the recent photographs in a national newspaper clearly illustrate."

The singer has been claiming earlier this year that he has not smoked grass for more than 18 months. He admitted to having trouble with the law and problems with health due to the drug abuse.   

Photo attribution: Insasse


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