Is Kaley Cuoco’s Marriage In Trouble?

Is Kaley Cuoco’s Marriage In Trouble?

The question as to whether or not Big Bang’s Kaley Cuoco’s marriage is in trouble has been dominating the social media of late and we have dug deep to find out if these allegations are actually true.

At the moment it actually does seem like Cuoco’s marriage is indeed in trouble. Reports have indicated that the two, Cuoco and her husband, are always arguing. That said, the arguments between the two are believed to have been brought about by Cuoco’s alleged pregnancy.

If indeed this rumors on a troubled marriage are true it should not come as a surprise given the fact that Cuoco and her husband, Ryan Sweeting, did everything at a very high pace. The two got engaged just three months into their relationship and were married three months later. Despite the claims of a troubled marriage, the two, who have been married for over a year now, have in several occasions stated that they are indeed happy.

Life & Style is reporting that the two are constantly on each other’s throat with regards to starting a family. According to the magazine Sweeting is not very keen on starting a family right now while Cuoco is keen on having a family right away. Sweeting decision to not have a family at this point can be as a result of his tennis career, it will not be farfetched for us to believe that he doesn’t want to have kids so as to focus on his career, in fact he has in several occasion stated that he doesn’t want to be a “dad anytime soon.”

The source has stated that the two are bound to breakup in an event that Cuoco doesn’t have her way which is a child.


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