Kylie Jenner I Was Being Bullied & Thus Had The Cosmetic Surgery

Kylie Jenner I Was Being Bullied & Thus Had The Cosmetic Surgery

For any other 17-year old, having plastic surgery or anything done on their body is something that they are yet to think about but as for Kylie Jenner, she has already had something done to her body. At only 17, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star was bullied into having lip fillers, this is according to Hollywood Life. 

The entertainment-based site is reporting that 17-year Kylie Jenner was bullied throughout about her looks and as a result she opted to have lip fillers. On June the 17th the 17-year old took her Snapchat account and shared a very emotionally message about the impact of bullying. 

Citing a source close to the star, Hollywood Life reported that, “Kylie was very awkward while she growing up something that led to be bullied by a number of boys as well as girls for her look.”

It went on to add that, “The bullying ended up scarring her both physically and emotionally and as a result she had a number of insecurities while she was still a young girl and as a result she ended up having lip fillers despite her young age. In addition to that she also used to soak herself in lots and lots of makeup.”

In the video that she posted on Snapchat, Kylie admitted to be bullied several times while growing up. 

“Ever since I was nine-years old I have always been bullied,” she said in her Snapchart video. “I believe that I have been able to handle the bullying very well. What I can tell you about bullies is that they will always be everywhere and the only thing you could do is just value your own opinion and no one else.”


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