Mark Ballas Reveals His Dream ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partners

Mark Ballas Reveals His Dream ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partners

During a recent chat with Hollywood Life, “Dancing With Stars” contestant Mark Ballas revealed so many information that we actually didn’t know about including who is his dream partner in “Dancing With Stars”.

When it comes to dancing on “Dancing With The Stars”, Ballas has actually danced with pretty much everyone, from the likes of Bristol Palin to Kim Kardashian, but as it turns out there is one particular celebrity that he would love to dance with on the show and that is Jennifer Aniston, who happens to be Ballas long time friend.

I don’t know about you but I would definitely want Jennifer Aniston to take part in the show and the fact that she might end up teaming up Ballas makes it even better. Other well-known female celebrities that Ballas would like to dance with after dancing with Jennifer Aniston include the talented and beautiful British song bird Ellie Golding as well as Shakira, Ballas revealed.

Ballas also had a few comments about Bruce Joining the team of “Dancing With The Stars”, although they are still just rumors as at now and this is what he said.

“I think that’s the obvious rumor starter,” he said adding that, “I haven’t heard from any reliable sources. If anyone should know it would be me having since danced with Kim. He would be awesome. If he came on the show I would have no doubt he would do very well.”

So Jennifer wherever you are we and Ballas would like to see you dancing together with Ballas on the next “Dancing With The Stars”.


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