What happened to Mariah’s vocals?

What happened to Mariah’s vocals?

There was a time when you held your breath when Mariah sang. But the recent Christmas performance in New York did not live up to the her normal reputation.

It was like, who is that lady and what has she done with Mariah Carey?

The pop singer sounded nothing like her former self when she helped switch on the lights at the Rockefeller Center yesterday by singing All I Want For Christmas.

Mariah gave a live performance after missing her pre-recording giving a performance that shocked all her fans. Her voice was cracking and she missed all the notes and appeared highly uncomfortable. Well who wouldn’t be?

She’s performed that song so many times before and for many of us her singing is Christmas. What is going on with Mariah?

Well we won’t really say it was the first time in recent performance that she has been slammed for her vocals. Her last performance in China left a lot to be desired.

Anyway the poor vocals didn’t go unmissed and fans took to Twitter in their droves to give their typically hilarious opinions of her Christmas track.

One wrote: “Mariah Carey must murder Ariana Grande with her bare hands in order to break the curse and get her voice back!!”
While someone else added: “Man. Mariah Carey actually cleared her throat while singing on NBC last night. I'll I want for Christmas (AHEM!!!) is You.”

“All I want for Christmas is my old voice back” is what is in Mariah’s Christmas list this year.

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