Lady Gaga Splits With Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga Splits With Taylor Kinney

It's nice to know how an ordinary music video shoot would be a venue for new a love story.  But with Lady Gaga splitting up with Taylor Kinney, it just proves that not all love stories have a happy ending.

In 2011, while shooting for the You and I music video, Lady Gaga met Taylor Kinney. Soon after, the two became a couple and it lasted for five years. It was in 2015, on Valentine's Day, when Taylor announced the engagement. The two had a lot of interviews after their big announcement but they never mentioned any date as to when the wedding would take place. Taylor even mentioned that the decision regarding the wedding date was for Lady Gaga to decide.

People started having a hint that their relationship was in trouble when Gaga was spotted in Malibu not wearing her engagement ring. The day she was seen without the ring was actually the same day Taylor celebrated his birthday.

A report from TMZ says that the two have finally decided to separate their ways earlier this July. There are sources that are putting the blame on the couple's failure to spend time together as the reason for their breakup. Both Taylor and Lady Gaga are doing great in their respective careers and this might have prevented them from continuing their relationship. Taylor just filmed 'Chicago Fire' while Lady Gaga has to put up with her tight schedule performing in different parts of the world.


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