Selena Gomez joins ' Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising' Cast

Selena Gomez joins ' Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising' Cast

Neighbors is back already!

It wasn’t very long ago that we watched Seth Rogen try get high on shrooms with some college kids and Zac Efron’s on-screen fight; now the whole cast is coming back together for a sequel entitled Sorority Rising, only this time they have the beautiful Selena Gomez joining the line-up.

It’s surprising since there was no formal announcement of this big news, it was almost sneaky. But, if it wasn’t for the paparazzi trailing Zac, we wouldn’t have even known! The studio has not released any details about the sequel.

There are a few assumptions based a on clues – but lets’ not talk about the clues – the findings are far more interesting! Here is the gist – Selena will be Madison, the Morgan’s arch-rival. Morgan is the alpha for now, but Madison will do anything to be the leader of the pack. She’s got helpers to make her moves and become the next sorority president. When loads of new freshman stop at the house, Madison schemes to make a big entrance.

This big entrance will not be done in any other way than by doing a fabulous song-and-dance trick. Madison squeezes into her awesome skin-tight neon dress and her helpers - who are also her sorostitutes – are in tow with matching dresses and flowers in their hair. They dance perfectly in-sync to Selena’s "Come and Get It" na na nan aaaa…

As you would expect, she is welcomed by a horde of admiring potential sorority followers, all keen to pledge their loyalty to the new president. Chloë gives her dirty looks while she mentally calculates her retaliation. Not that it wouldn’t be interesting to know how she’d get back the score but for now, it's all about Selena.

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