“The Boss”-storyline & characters

“The Boss”-storyline & characters

 “The Boss” is a new movie starring Melissa McCarthy. Everyone is talking about it, and not necessarily in good way.

The movie was written by McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone and directed by Ben Falcone. The screenplay was written by Steve Mallory and surely did the best he could with what he was given to work. Knowing McCarthy’s sense of humour and ability to grab an audience, you would expect this movie to be hilarious, which it is not. Melissa is not supported by the script, her director or the rest of the cast. The jokes, except for a couple of scenes, continually fall flat.

The storyline centers around the main character, Michelle Darnell, played by Melissa McCarthy. Michelle is a self-made titan in an industry. She has treated everyone she knows and works with a heavy hand and very little compassion, if any. She is found guilty of insider trading and sent to jail. After she is released, she decides that she needs to change her life and comes onto the scene as a sweet, lovable person, which no one believes. Many of the people she treated badly during her career at the top are not impressed with her new appearance and personality; all they want is to take revenge.

This is the second movie that McCarthy and Falcone have written and produced together. The first one was no better than the second. The feeling of the critics is that the writing should be left to someone else and McCarthy is out of her depth. She has a winning personality on stage but she has to be given something to work with, and “The Boss” just isn’t it.



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