The finale of Survivor: Kaoh Rong

The finale of Survivor: Kaoh Rong

It’s been a gruelling 35 days for the finalists of “Survivor”, as the contenders battled it out to be the last person standing for this season at Kaoh Rong. Michele Fitzgerald, Aubry Bracco, and Tai Trang had faced many physical, mental, and emotional challenges eliminating their competitors along the way to reach the finale.

The 32nd season of the popular competitive reality television series was shot is in the second largest island of Cambodia – Kaoh Rong. The previous season of “Survivor” was shot back-to-back in Cambodia with Season 32.

At Kaoh Rong, 18 new participants were divided into 3 tribes of 6 members each – Chan Loh (Brains), To Tang (Brawn) and Gondol (Beauty). Brawn and Beauty merged early on in the show to against Brains. Eventually Brawn-Beauty members, Cydney, Julia and Michele, teamed up with Brains to form their own alliance leaving the remaining members fending for themselves. They coaxed Tai into betraying the Brawn-Beauty crew to join them instead by forfeiting one of his immunity idols.

In an unforeseen turn of events, Aubry and Cydney who were allies through the course of the show turned against each other at the semi-finals. Aubry won the tiebreaker and went on to be amongst the 3 finalists.

In the finale, the jury emphasized each survivor’s strategy. Michele, always cool-headed and social was one of the primary contenders for the title. Tai’s lack of decisive strategy and changes in tactics left the jury feeling unsure of his abilities. Aubry’s ruthless moves and outwardly strategic approach was praised, however, the judges had decided the winner: Michele was awarded the title of Sole Survivor.





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