Tori Spelling is forced to file bankruptcy

Tori Spelling is forced to file bankruptcy

Almost everyone knows Tori Spelling. However, now there is something that may surprise many of her fans. Tori Spelling has been forced to file bankruptcy. It has been reported that American Express is suing her because of not paying her bills.

Apparently, she owes over thirty-eight thousand dollars and has not paid a dime in more than eight months. According to reports, Tori Spelling did write American Express a one thousand-nineteen dollar check in June of 2015 but it didn’t clear.

Radar Online has stated that American Express is not the only bill that Tori Spelling is behind on but she and Dean McDermott, her ex-husband, might be heading down bankruptcy lane together. Tori Spelling is not ready to admit her dire financial issues while others are pleading for her to do so. Tori’s mother is helping her daughter with the day-to-day expenses for her home and her four children but refuses to help with back payments owing.

For most people, a bankruptcy or a lawsuit can be kept secret. But for celebrities, the media seems to get wind of these embarrassing situations.

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