’19 Kids and Counting’ Josh Duggar Digs a Deeper Grave

’19 Kids and Counting’ Josh Duggar Digs a Deeper Grave

Josh Duggar is in the news for all the wrong reasons. He was recently accused of molesting five girls when he was in his teen years. Part of this rumor is that a few of these girls were his sisters, though no statement from his sisters has been made yet. 

A video just surfaced from Josh in his teen years. He giggly talks about how he and his girlfriend went to see a movie with two chaperones. The two chaperones were Josh’s two siblings John and Jana.

Josh also states that he considered this a double date. He also asked what the public expects since he’s from Arkansas. Today, Josh wished he had said those things on camera. He has openly apologized to all of his family members, friends, and fans.  

This shows up and coming teen stars they must watch what they say on camera. What someone says on camera today might affect them ten or even twenty years from now. 

Josh denies the molestation accusations, and he has a team of lawyers working on the legal issues right now. Josh feels like this is one big nightmare, and he cannot wait to awake back to his normal life. 

As far as the public goes, this is a two way street. Many people believe Josh. They believe he is a good person and would never do something like molest a girl. There is another side of people that have a hard time believing him. This is because all molesters say they did not do it, even if evidence proves otherwise. 


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