Adam Rehmeier’s Western ‘Save A Bullet For Me’ Picked Up By Content Media

Adam Rehmeier’s Western ‘Save A Bullet For Me’ Picked Up By Content Media

Adam Rehmeier has something to smile about as the worldwide sales right for his western work “Save A Bullet For Me” were acquired by Content Media which is planning to introduce his work to potential buyers for the first time during the annual Cannes Film Festival.

The film, which was set in the 1800’s, focuses on the aftermath of an attack by Native Americans on a wagon train, where desperate two wounded frontiersmen  make their last stand against a fearless group of young Braves, whose their transition to manhood is based on how they confront their enemies.

Things to note about the film “Save a Bullet For Me” is that it does not take any sides, it basically shows the honest clash between the two frontiers and the Native Americans.

While speaking about the new developments, Rehmeier said that, “This is a visceral ride, stripped down to the most primal fight-or-flight level possible.”

“For me, this film is an opportunity to combine several of my favorite genres in an exciting way, to create something that hasn’t been seen before in the cinema — and to tell an important and balanced story about a very particular moment in the U.S.’ history. I’m hoping the wall-to-wall action, the authenticity and intense emotion will captivate audiences worldwide.”

The President of Content Media, Jamie Carmichael, said that, “I was very drawn to the purity, skill and courage of the Native American warriors in the face of the invading enemy — and also to the courage of those frontiersmen who were so determined to create a new life for themselves. In this film, we sympathize with both points of view, seeing it through the prism of two sets of men, fighting for their very existence.”



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