And We Have to Wait Yet More for the Second Royal Baby to Arrive

And We Have to Wait Yet More for the Second Royal Baby to Arrive

Although Prince George is definitely among one of the cutest babies we all have ever laid our eyes upon, everyone is waiting desperately for the Royal Baby Number 2 to arrive. Those who are waiting for the baby have become more impatient as it was actually supposed to born 6 days ago.

The hospital, where the Duchess is supposed to deliver the baby, has extended the parking restrictions till May 4th, in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Previously, the restrictions were imposed till April 30th only, but since the baby does not seem as much eager as we are to arrive in the world, other patients visiting St. Mary’s Hospital situated in London, will have to face these restrictions for a bit longer than it was actually anticipated.

The 33 year old Duchess, Kate Middleton, seems to be enjoying her days of pregnancy with her little tot. She was spotted taking her 21 month old to a swimming lesson by various people. According to the resources, the glowing mom-to-be drove her first born to the swimming pool herself.

Avid fans of Prince Williams and the Duchess have camped outside the Lindo Wing to celebrate as soon as their new baby arrives in the world. The campers got a big surprise on the same day when the Duke and the Duchess sent them tea and pastries as an acknowledgment to their wonderful gesture.

This royal couple will be celebrating its 4th wedding anniversary in the coming week, and hopefully with their new baby as well.


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