Bruce Jenner Worried Kylie Jenner Will Emotionally Go Away

Bruce Jenner Worried Kylie Jenner Will Emotionally Go Away

There has been lots of talk surrounding Bruce Jenner ever since he came out publicly to reveal that he was transitioning but all that doesn’t faze him as long as he knows that his family will always be there. That said Bruce, is currently worried that 17-year old Kylie Jenner will “emotionally go away.”

“[Kylie] doesn’t want to talk about [my transition] she has shut me out,” Bruce says. “That’s what bothers me. My big concern is just we have had such a close relationship and my kids are everything I don’t want that space between us …. I don’t want her to go away emotionally.”

During a recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian”, the whole family is planning on going for a trip and everyone seemed excited apart from Kylie who even went as far as locking herself in her bedroom as she tried to ignore calls from her family. She also refuses to play a night game that the whole family was taking part in. 

Khloe, who noticed something is not right has been working on lifting Kylie’s spirit urging her to take part in the arranged events. 

“We’re going to the highest peak there is on this mountain, and it’s one of the most dangerous,” Khloe says. “I’m shaking, and I’m literally so nervous. And Kylie’s as cool as a cucumber.” 

During the trip Kylie’s adrenaline rush surprises many including Khloe who referred to the 17-year old as a “crazy bitch” after Kylie suggested that the two try out the slopes. 



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