Emma Watson Nude Leaks: It’s a Hoax Created by a Fake Company Online

Emma Watson Nude Leaks: It’s a Hoax Created by a Fake Company Online

There was great buzz when people heard about nude photos leaks of Harry Potter fame star Emma Watson on a popular web portal called 4Chan. However, the buzz has been found a hoax created by a fake internet marketing company called Rantic marketing. 
The fake company behind this hoax is said to establish a website named Emmayournext.com. The company was trying to woo online users by claiming that they would publish nude photos of the actress on 27th September, 2015. It is found that the site claimed to publish nude photos of the prominent Hollywood actress in reaction to her famous speech on feminism at renowned United Nations. 

There was countdown timer found on the site counting the days of nude photo leaks of the actress Emma Watson. When online users first heard about this weird countdown, they started condemning this illegal act of the forum. Later it was revealed that the site is fake or illegal, and the process is being run by a fake internet marketing company. 

The company is said to be run by a group of spammers who want to dominate the procedure of page views. They wanted to generate massive traffic towards a certain website. 
Emma Watson assigned the task to legal company to reveal the truth. Professionals at the company removed the objectionable content from the site as well as posted an open letter to President Barak Obama, requesting to introduce censorship for the internet. 

Whatever could be the key reason behind the incident, but one thing is sure that there is great craze of seeing the Hollywood star in a natural position.  


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