Grease Live airs on Fox

Grease Live airs on Fox

If you enjoy a good evening in front of the TV, no doubt this last year has been incredibly enjoyable. Several excellent productions were made and many of them were aired live on TV. Some say that the musicals are always the hardest to produce and a live musical is something that not many producers dare to do., but this is not the case of Fox’s producers.

Although not many people thought that Grease: Live would actually be successful but overnight this musical beat all expectations. The fans say that it had everything!  Good actors, smart action, funny but realistic lines and wonderful songs and dance routines. During the three hours of the musical production, it’s difficult to take your eyes off the screen!  

It took a few months for the producers and the staff to create the entire stage show, even though they followed the characters and plot of the original Grease. They kept the main characters and the basic action, but they wanted to give it a modern twist.

Allan Carr, together with Robert Cary and several others famous producers developed the stage production. They enlisted some of the best singers, dancers, and actors: Jessie J, Joe Jonas, Sam Clark, Jullianne Hough, Vanessa Hudgens, and Aaron Tveit are just a few who star in the musical. Combine all these wonderful personalities and you will get one of the best productions in history of the Fox Channel. By the ratings of those who have seen both versions, this version called Grease: Live outshines the original.

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