Lamar Odom Needs Khloe Kardashian ‘More Than Ever’ Since Bobby Heyward’s Death

Lamar Odom Needs Khloe Kardashian ‘More Than Ever’ Since Bobby Heyward’s Death

Lamar Odom has had probably one of the worst experience that you could ever imagine. In the past two weeks Lamar Odom has seen two of his best friends, that is 37-year old Jamie Sangouthi, and 30-year old Bobby Heyward’s.  As expected the loss of this two has led to Lamar Odom has being hurting so badly and as a result he is looking at her former ex fiance Khloe,  so as to comfort him during this trying times.

According to various sources losing his friend has been very tough for Lamar,  in fact he has been reaching out to Khloe ever since his friend Jamie Sangouthai passed away on June the 14. With the death of his second friend Bobby Heyward, Lamar is in serious need of Khloe Kardashian as he cannot bear to go through this on her own.

 "At times like this Lamar is in desperate need of Khlos support,"  one of the sources revealed. "Khloe played a very important role in their relationship and in addition to that she would always be their in times like this support him and that's what I spilling him at the moment because he doesn't have Khloe by her side.

The two,  after it emerged that Lamar was sleeping around with other women,  separated.  That said it has not been such a smooth sailing ever since the two officially made  it public that they were splitting, there have in several occasions indicated that we might just be seeing the two back together again.  According to various sources the deaths of the Lamar Odom friends will just go to bring even much closer to one another.




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