Meet this New Celebrity Kid on the Block

Meet this New Celebrity Kid on the Block

Jaeden Lieberher will be new child star to watch out for. The actor who is 11 has acted in the movie St Vincent and has certainly held his own against stars like Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and the female lead of the movie Naomi Watts.

During his red carpet outing the child actor spoke about his dreams of making it big in Hollywood. He spoke extensively and the media was suitably impressed with actor and his future aspirations. Jaeden has been quoted as saying that he definitely wants to become an actor when he grows up. But he also adds in the same breath that he wants to become a director too. The actor hinted that actors like Bill and Melissa were nice and in his own words a little “grumpy”. He had he had an opportunity to watch some big stars in action and he could learn something.

His toughest shooting episode was doing the speech scene where he had to go through the speech sheet which was four pages long. He said though it was nerve wracking he is really proud that he could do it.

Post St Vincent, the boy has already acted in tow other movies. There’s a project with Cameron Crowe for which he shot in Hawaii and he has also completed a movie named “Midnight Special with Jeff Nichols”.

Looking at Jaeden Lieberher one is reminded of Macaulay Culkin who became an overnight celebrity for his “Home Alone movie”. May be Jaeden will be the next child artiste who will achieve that overnight fame.

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