Rose McGowan Fired For Her Sexist Casting Call

Rose McGowan Fired For Her Sexist Casting Call

If you happen to be a fan of Rose McGowan then you would have noticed that she has not been very pleased of late. The main reason as to why McGowan, 41, was angry had everything to do with a casting call. In the past few months, McGowna stated that she had received an invitation to a casting call and according to him it was sexist. The 41-year old star took to her social media account where she informed her fans of what had gone down.

Following his claims, reports have it that the actress has been fired by her agent. According to several sources the agent ended up firing the 42 year old actress for her comments. According to her agent, McGowan comments were highly sexists and thus they wouldn’t be representing her anymore. 

The news definitely came as a surprise to McGowan. Being fired due to remarks that she made and despite the fact that she had evidence to prove it, was not something that McGowan had in mind. In fact many people have been shocked with this news ever since it broke out and as a resut many people took to social media to express their disbelief as well as show support for McGowan. 

So what do you think guys, was McGowan’ agent right for firing Rose McGowan? Or maybe you do believe that McGowan was the one on the wrong? Share with us your thoughts below. 



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