'Pretty Little Liars Spoilers' Leaked on Reddit

'Pretty Little Liars Spoilers' Leaked on Reddit

On June 8th, a Reddit thread was started by some saying that they were fired from working with the cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars after failing a drug test. 
The person then proceeded to host a question and answer forum in which they revealed every spoiler for the show imaginable. 
Reddit makes it impossible to tell if someone is actually who they purport to be, and Pretty Little Liars fans are on high alert. 

After several possibly true, but possibly false spoilers, including answers to Liars fandom popular questions such as “Who is A?” and “what will happen in the time jump?”, creator of the series, Marlene King took to her Instagram account to address the rumors. 
“No one has been fired,” wrote King on July 8th. 

“No one has leaked the identity of Charles.” She then followed by posting a picture of a bare foot stepping on a nail, under which she wrote the caption, “KARMA- my belief that this happens to all a--holes in the future.” The impostor, based on King’s response, took to Reddit with the following subject line: “I just got fired for failing a drug test from warner brothers.” 
The post went on to say, “Was a PA on PLL. I was working during the finale and pretty much every episode through s6. I think I know enough. Ask me anything. Like I give a [expletive] anymore.” 

The user later updated their post: “EDIT: Will probably be deleting this soon. I’ve sobered up and this seems like a bad idea all of a sudden. Last looks, i’ll give you 30 minutes or something. 



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