Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby In Hilarious Mock Trial Skit

Amy Schumer Defends Bill Cosby In Hilarious Mock Trial Skit

It took some time, but she finally could not resist it any more. 33-year old Amy Schumer finally took on the Bill Cosby rape allegations and as expected, she gave an outrageous performance that left all of smiling. In the skit, Inside Amy Schumer, the 33-year old acts as a defender for Bill Cosby in a spoof trial. 

In the episode, which was made available on 26th May, features Bill Cosby’s trial in the Public Opinion Court and Schumer was on Cosby’s side defending him all the way. 

Once the prosecution had rested their case, it was Schumer’s turn and she started by stating why the former comedian, Bill Cosby, was innocent. Schumer’s first piece of evidence as she defended Cosby was the theme song to Cosby’s show which in a interesting turn off events got everyone in the court room dancing including jury. She then played a spoof clip of Cosby’s show after which, she ask, “Did anyone feel raped by that?”

She continues her defense by calling Cosby a “familiar father figure” adding that the women who came forward with sexual assault claims have tainted Cosby’s name. During his time on the floor, Schumer definitely won the jury by busting out the pudding pops and then came out the Cosby sweaters. 

Schumer’s skit on Bill Cosby’s issues is actually not a diss to the former comedian but it rather defends him and the fact that she was able to make it even more funny just goes to show how the beautiful 33-year old is talented. 


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