Betty White Finally Joins Instagram

Betty White Finally Joins Instagram

With social media playing a very key role in our day-to-day life as well as the increase in the number of big companies which are getting more involved with social media, you might be fooled that everyone has already jumped on board and joining the others enjoying what is social media. In fact there are a number of celebrities who have shied away from social media and when they finally decides to embrace it usually makes such a big news, for instance Betty White was actually never on Instagram. Who would have known? The fact that she is a celebrity and was yet to tap in the fortunes and fame that are associated with Instagram goes to show off her character.  

For her first picture on Instagram, Betty White opted to go with a very classic picture. In the picture, the famed actress can be seen getting boozed up with some of his long time friends some of whom are well-known personalities. 

Before joining Instagram, White had already conquered other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where she has over 1.2 million fans. So if you follow her on Twitter then jump on board on Instagram and start following her there as well. 

She opened her Instagram account on June 4th and based on the traffic that her Instagram page has received, we can only imagine how quick the fans will start following her. As at Sunday the 5th, she already had 35 thousand followers so Kim Kardashian and the rest should watch out for her. 

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