Coronation Street's Emily Bishop

Coronation Street's Emily Bishop

Emily Bishop has been a resident of Coronation Street for 57 years. That is how long Eileen Derbyshire has played the role of Emily and she is now recognized as the longest-serving female cast member in a British soap opera. Eileen was born in 1930 and is now 85 years old and still going strong. She began acting on Coronation Street in 1961.

In the soap, Emily owned No.3 Coronation Street and it is where she and Norris Cole now live. She is a kind woman and very religious. She was the owner of a linen shop for baby items located on Rosamund Street in Weatherfield. During 1961, the shop was combined with the Swindley’s Emporium. Emily kept a wonderful connection with Leonard Swindley. She was engaged to him but that didn’t last. She later married someone she loved but, during the long run of the program, she was widowed.

As Emily Bishop aged, she became a favorite member of Coronation Street and lived among other characters, such as Norris Cole; Ken, Deirdre, Peter and Tracy Barlow; David, Kylie and Gail Platt; Rita, Fizz and Tyrone and many more. She is one of the most active members of their community, doing so much volunteer work and she even volunteers in many of the shops for charity as well.

Emily Bishop has lived an amazing life and she is really a fun-loving and kind person who everyone enjoys being around. Of all of the Coronation Street residents, Emily Bishop is probably one of the most loved characters.

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