Interesting facts about Madonna

Interesting facts about Madonna

She is the queen of pop, she's been here for decades and we've heard so many things about her, that we almost have a feeling like we actually know here. Well, do we ?

In her latest interview for the " Us Weekly " she's been talking about her children, secret crushes, etc.

She discovered 10 most interesting facts we probably didn't know about her.

1. She likes her eyes the most, when it comes to her body. What she hates the most are her feet.
2. She is suffering from claustrophobia, she doesn't like to be closed in any small space, it really scares her.
3. Madonna doesn't miss the marriage, especially someone calling her " Woman " ( meaning wife ). She hates that.
4. Her perfect day is lying in her bed, whole day. She will sleep for few hours, then when she wakes up, she will watch some of her favorite old movies, such as " Breathless ". Then she will eat in the bed, and will call her children to hang out with her, and she wishes she will never leave the room.
5. One of the most beautiful moments in her life was seeing her daughter Lourdes playing and singing La vie en Rose.
6. Her beauty secret is that she puts ice every day on her eyes.
7. She went shopping one year ago, that was her last time.
8. She hates mushrooms and snails.
9. She would like to meet president Obama. She thinks that if she was the wife of Jay Z, she would have a chance to meet him.
10. Her dream is to go on a date with Drake and kiss him.

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