Pumpkinhead Is Dead, The Underground Rapper Was 39

Pumpkinhead Is Dead, The Underground Rapper Was 39

Sad news guys as Pumpkinhead one of the biggest underground rapper in New York City is dead. He was 39 years old.

According to reports, the 39-year old, known by his stage name Pumpkinhead, died on June the 9th. Pumpkinhead, whose real name was Robert Diaz, was name known by a number of names by his fans. Apart from pumpkinhea he was also called MC. Robert. He gain huge publicity thanks to his hit single “Dynamic”.

It is not yet clear as to what exactly killed Pumpkinhead but the police have initiated an investigation so as to find out exactly what happened to the New York based rapper.

Rolling stone was the first to break the sad news and according to them, Pumpkinhead was admitted in hospital earlier in the week so as to have a minor surgery. Following his surgery no one knows what exactly happened.

The 39-year old rapper is known for his hit singles which included “Dynamic” which he released back in 1997. He has a number of albums under his name and during his career he made his name as the go to rapper in the underground hiphop scene.

His album “Orange Moon Over Broklyn” which he released back in 2005, is without a doubt one of his best performing albums. He has also taken up a number of rap battles and won something that went to increase his street cred and as a result he ended up working with artists such as Talib Kweli.


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